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TitleAuthorsJournal ▴Publication year
LUBAC assembles a ubiquitin signaling platform at mitochondria for signal amplification and transport of NF‐κB to the nucleus(Open Access) Wu Z, Berlemann LA, (...), Winklhofer KFEMBO Journal2022
Mitochondrial F1FO ATP synthase determines the local proton motive force at cristae rims(Open Access) Rieger B, Arroum T, Borowski M, Villalta J, Busch KBEMBO reports2021
Piccolino is required for ribbon architecture at cochlear inner hair cell synapses and for hearingMichanski S, Kapoor R, (...), Wichmann CEMBO reports2023
Protein-dependent membrane remodeling in mitochondrial morphology and clathrin-mediated endocytosis(Open Access) Tarasenko D, Meinecke MEuropean Biophysics Journal2021
Loss of parkin causes endoplasmic reticulum calcium dyshomeostasis by upregulation of reticulocalbin 1(Open Access) Rybarski M, Mrohs D, (...), Zhu XEuropean Journal of Neuroscience2023
Cytochrome c oxidase biogenesis – from translation to early assembly of the core subunit COX1(Open Access) Dennerlein S, Rehling P, Richter‐Dennerlein RFEBS Letters2023
The Role of Ubiquitin in Regulating Stress Granule Dynamics(Open Access) Krause LJ, Herrera MG, Winklhofer KFFrontiers in Physiology2022
WARS1 and SARS1: two tRNA synthetases implicated in autosomal recessive microcephalyBögershausen N, Krawczyk HE, (...), Wollnik BHuman Mutation2022
Pathology of myelinated axons in the PLP-deficient mouse model of spastic paraplegia type 2 revealed by volume imaging using focused ion beam-scanning electron microscopy(Open Access) Steyer AM, Ruhwedel T, Nardis C, Werner HB, Nave K, Möbius WJournal of Structural Biology2020
Linear ubiquitination induces NEMO phase separation to activate NF-κB signaling(Open Access) Goel S, Oliva R, (...), Winklhofer KFLife Science Alliance2023