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Title ▴AuthorsJournalPublication year
Developmental changes of the mitochondria in the murine anteroventral cochlear nucleus(Open Access) Hintze A, Lange F, (...), Wichmann CiScience2023
Dimeric form of SARS-CoV-2 polymerase(Open Access) Jochheim FA, Tegunov D, (...), Cramer PbioRxiv2021
Drosophila MIC10b can polymerize into cristae-shaping filaments(Open Access) Stephan T, Stoldt S, (...), Jakobs SLife Science Alliance2024
Early fate decision for mitochondrially encoded proteins by a molecular triage(Open Access) Kohler A, Carlström A, (...), Ott MMolecular Cell2023
Hierarchical folding of the catalytic core during mitochondrial ribosome biogenesisLavdovskaia E, Hillen HS, Richter-Dennerlein RTrends in Cell Biology2021
Identification of MIMAS, a multifunctional mega-assembly integrating metabolic and respiratory biogenesis factors of mitochondria(Open Access) Horten P, Song K, (...), Rampelt HCell Reports2024
Identification of TMEM126A as OXA1L-interacting protein reveals cotranslational quality control in mitochondria(Open Access) Poerschke S, Oeljeklaus S, (...), Rehling PMolecular Cell2024
In-situ architecture of the human prohibitin complex(Open Access) Lange F, Ratz M, (...), Jakobs SbioRxiv2024
Inhibition of the mitochondrial ATPase function by IF1 changes the spatiotemporal organization of ATP synthase(Open Access) Weissert V, Rieger B, (...), Busch KBBiochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Bioenergetics2021
Light Microscopy of Mitochondria at the NanoscaleJakobs S, Stephan T, Ilgen P, Brüser CAnnual Review of Biophysics2020